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my love put the deep in the ocean

my love talked the sky into going with blue

25 November 1986
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airport escalators, arts and crafts, backlight, being far away, being too optimistic, best friend flasks, best friend necklaces, biting, blurry polaroids, boys in suits, breathing in unison, brendan benson, building forts, calling shotgun, car rides, clone high, couch flips, crocheting, cutting hair, degrassi, demetri martin, dictionarys, disney channel shows, doodling in class, driving barefoot, drunken bowling, empty parking lots, faint half smiles, feeding the ducks, four am, full house, full notebooks, getting out of hand, green eyes, grilled cheese, haikus, handmade buttons, high fives, hugs with both arms, insignificant things, jawlines and hipbones, jonah, justin timberlake, kelly green, kisses, lemonade, looking upwards, making bad impressions, making myself laugh, micah dahl anderson, milo and otis, misunderstood sarcastic comments, mittens, murdah crew, my friends, northshore the movie, not dying, not making any sense, notes on windshields, old woman purses, painting, peanut butter and jelly, phone calls, photography, photoshoots, playgrounds, pretending its cold outside, punctuation, random conversations, remebering why you're smiling, retarded accents, ribbons, ridiculous inside jokes, riding bikes, rolling down hills, ryan adams, scarves and jackets, self timers, seven dollar vodka, sewing, sharing, shy boys, sick days, silkscreening, singalongs, sister sister, skipping, sleep deprivation, sleep hair, sleep overs, slide film, snow, songs on repeat, sunrises not sunsets, sushi, tangled legs, the beach at night, the format, thrift store dresses, touching accidentally, touching on purpose, typingthingswithoutspaces, unexplained drunken injuries, warmhandsoncoldhands, whenitrainslikeamovie, winter